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Elevate Your Home Mobility with ENOK's Rebecca Stairlifts

Rebecca, our platform lift, a lift that we made to reaches global heights with unrivaled versatility. Rebecca’s simplicity and compact design merge easily into any landscape . Our platform lifts provide effective accessibility solutions for individuals using wheelchairs or , people with mobility challenges, and those who require assistance in navigating different levels of spaces , whether indoors or outdoors, in residential settings or public spaces.

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Elevate Your Home Mobility with ENOK Stairlifts

In response to the diverse needs of individuals, our company has innovatively designed nine loading platforms for our lift system. This ensures an adaptable solution to meet the unique requirements of each user.

Our loading platform consists of a folding table manually or automatically with a stationary machine, made of steel structure equipped with non-slip aluminum surface  (the sizes vary according to the available space).

The nominal sheet metal load of the platform is Kg. 250, the capacity max Kg 300, tests done at Kg 375.

Following the standard (UNI EN 81-405.6.4) , stairlifts installed in buildings open to the public, must be equipped with a min load floor of 1000×750 to accommodate type B wheelchairs, the nominal load must not be less than 250Kg/sqm.

Rebecca our loading platform can be adapted to the customer’s needs :
we have 9 different sizes available, ranging from 800×450 to 1000×800.






What's the traction drive ? Why ENOK choose it ?

Stairlifts have long been a crucial solution for enhancing mobility and accessibility in homes and public spaces, providing a convenient way for individuals with limited mobility to navigate staircases.

In recent years, advancements in technology have
introduced a game-changer in the world of stairlifts –  ( Traction Drives )

A traction drive is a type of mechanical power transmission system that operates on the principle of frictional contact between two surfaces to transmit power from one element to another.

These innovative systems have revolutionized stairlift design and operation, offering numerous advantages that surpass traditional drive systems such as :   

However, the choice between traction drives and traditional drives depends on specific requirements and considerations, such as cost, space constraints, ⁣ noise considerations, and the specific requirements of the client…

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