Welcome to our family-run business, where we specialize in crafting custom stairlifts designed to meet our clients’ unique requirements. Our user-friendly platform lifts offer dedicated solutions, providing freedom and independence for individuals in wheelchairs or with mobility challenges in both private and public spaces.

As a youthful Italian company, innovation is at the core of our identity. Our hands-on journey enables us to personally oversee the study, design, and production of our products, ensuring each one is tailored to perfection.

At ENOK, “MADE IN ITALY” isn’t just a label; it’s a deep-rooted commitment to Italian excellence. Beyond being manufactured in Italy, we draw inspiration from diverse industries such as fashion, furniture, interior design, architecture, and automotive. This commitment echoes in every facet of our business, ensuring that the essence of Italian excellence permeates through our stairlifts.

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Our team works to find the solution to every requirement, helping you find a personalized solution that allows you to overcome mobility problems.

Our qualified team will accompany you through all the stages of installation and after-sale maintenance.

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Over the course of our journey, we’ve successfully delivered more than 900 projects, showcasing our unwavering commitment to professionalism, expertise, and client satisfaction.

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Making us one of the leading stairlift companies in the southern part of Italy.


Customized Products

Precision meets personalization. Our lifts are meticulously tailored to suit your unique needs and preferences, ensuring a seamless fit for your operation.

Competitive Pricing

In a world of change, some things remain constant. While many in the industry have adjusted their pricing, we've stood firm, offering competitive prices without compromising quality, ensuring that excellence is affordable for all."

Safety First

Your safety is our top priority. Every stairlift that leaves our warehouse is tested to the highest standard and comes with a personalised signed certificate of quality.

Environmentally Friendly

Our environmentally friendly solutions are a testament to our commitment to sustainability. All of our products are 96% sustainable .

High Quality and Innovation

At ENOK , We are committed to providing the highest standards of quality propelling you to the forefront of industry standards.


AII ENOK products come with a 2 year warranty . As warranty periods elapse an additional service contract or extended warranty contract can be purchased.

Excellent Customer Care and After-Sales Support

Our experienced team are specialists with incredible knowledge , We take a personal approach to each project, ensuring that our clients are 100% satisfied. We provide 24/7 technical support , response to damages, book an in home assessment or consultation .

Skilled Technicians and Installers

Our qualified Technicians are in charge of all Installations, they have a high level of training, licenses and certificates of professional suitability .They calibrate and test the installation, clean up after they finsh and ensure you understand exactly how to use our stairlift and the informations in the manual .

Meet Our Team

We’re a family-run business specializing in the design and production of stairlifts that satisfy your requirements. Together, we form the backbone of ENOK, a family driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to creating a world where mobility and accessibility know no bounds.

  • Francesco Provenzano

    Group CEO
  • Giovanni Provenzano

    Senior Digital Strategist
  • Calogero Provenzano

    Product Manager