Rebecca is Enok's platform stairlift

Our Platform Stairlift is appropriate to overcome a straight, curved, narrow, steep or spiral staircase, both indoors and outdoors. It is really strong (load up to 300 Kg) and it is equipped with a series of devices that ensure the safety of the person who is carried and of the possible accompanying person.

If you find yourself here, you’re likely exploring the possibility of acquiring one of our platform stairs or joining us as a partner.

At ENOK, we proudly present a diverse range of stairlifts designed to cater to various accessibility needs within your home. Our offerings include the Rebecca Straight Stairlift, tailored for straight staircases, and the Rebecca Curved Stairlift, designed specifically for curved staircases.

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Perfect for straight stairs, It holds certifications for both indoor and outdoor use, showcasing resilience to weather conditions, moisture, and salt air.

Rebecca can be seamlessly installed in condominiums or private residences.

Our paltform stairlift engineered to provide an efficient mobility solution on straight staircases, with a simple touch, it moves smoothly along the straight staircase, offering not only optimal performance but also a whisper-quiet experience.  

You can check our projects  if you are intersted in seeing more 


If your stairs have a bend, landings or changes in direction, then a curved stairlift is teh solution .

Our Rebecca for Curved Stairlifts is our customizable curved stairlift platform. Designed to effortlessly navigate all types of curved stairs

Whether indoors or outdoors, in any housing, this platform provides a tailored solution for even the most complex staircases and ensure to go up and down safely and comfortably even on the most complex stairs.

You can check our projects  if you are intersted in seeing more 

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What we do


Experience unparalleled adaptability with our stairlift rail solution, meticulously crafted to seamlessly navigate straight, curved, and variable slope staircases.

Constructed with high-quality materials resistant to corrosion and wear, making it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor settings.


At Enok Solutions, we take pride in offering innovative solutions to enhance accessibility in your space. One of our key advantages is the development of a unique stairlift installation method that caters to diverse needs :


Rail with Pillar Fixation

This innovative solution involves securing the rail to sturdy pillars or posts along the staircase and also makes the installation adaptable to various staircase configurations.

Lift-Up Rail

This is our solution when there is a door or a window that can obstruct the railing path .The solution is a lift-up rail system, allowing for manual or automatic elevation .

Rail with Wall Fixation

The rail is attached to the wall, providing a secure and space-saving installation. it is ideal for narrow staircases where floor space is limited. and also Clean and unobtrusive design.


At ENOK, we understand that every project is unique. That’s why we offer a range of optional features to tailor our products to your specific needs. 

Outdoor Covering Sheet

Fixed Control Panel

Fixed Control Panel on the Landing

Additional 3A Battery Charger

Seat Folding

Front Boarding

Portable Push Button Panel

Additional 10A Battery Charger

Emergency Charging Cable

Manual Liftable Rail. Additional Optional Motorization

Additional charge for intermediate stop on the landing

Additional stainless steel pillar supplement (on step)

Lifting end rail manual Optional additional motorization

Side fixing bracket

Stop group with charging

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The Regulations:

The stairlift regulations : are the safety regulations and standards that are established for the design, manufacture, and installation of stair lifts.

These regulations are created to ensure that stair lifts are safe, reliable, and comply with specific safety regulations.

Rebecca is designed and built according to the requirements of safety and health complying with the UNI EN standard 81-40 2006 / 42 /EC

In addition, our stairlift platform is designed and manufactured in compliance with UNI 98 01 standards which provide for the safety requirements for stairlifts for disabled people according to maximum safety criteria, European Directive 2006/42/CE and Ministerial Decree 14 June n 2 236 and in compliance with CEI 64-8 and Law 46/90, in particular in compliance with the specific standard for stairlifts UNI EN 81-40 of 2009.

Our stairlift platform is equipped with the following safety systems:

speed limiter (UNI EN 81-40 5.3): coupled to a wheel that will slide along the track at the same time as the platform. In case of speeding, the limiter will trigger the parachute  which will progressively block the platform.

Protection for people who are along the trajectory of the stairlift (UNI EN 81-40 5.5.6): the access ramps to the loading floor and the bottom of the platform are equipped with sensors that when encountering an obstacle will block the platform but will allow the operation in the opposite direction to the direction of travel to allow the removal of the obstacle; protection bottom loading floor, protection bottom structure, side protection.

Protections for stair lift users (UNI EN 81-40
They consist of 2 protection bars that wrap around the user and access ramps to the loading floor. The movement of the footboard will be prevented if the bars are not in a horizontal position and the ramps are in an oblique position.

Electrical safety: the machine operates entirely in low voltage 24 V DC.   A battery charger connected to the mains provides for the recharging of the batteries, in accordance with CEI 64–8 standards Decree of the Minister of Public Works 14 June 1989, n. 236 , this Technical requirements necessary to ensure the accessibility, adaptability and visitability of private buildings and public housing, in order to overcome and eliminate all the  architectural barriers .

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Speed limiter
Paired to a wheel.​
Drive system
With frictional engagement of the drive wheels on the guides.
Battery charging
Automatic at the parking
Protection bars
Manual, automatic drive (optional).

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