Enok's stairlift,

Rebecca is Enok's stairlift. Compact, safe and comfortable. Rebecca is able to satisfy every need thanks to its characteristics.

It is our solution for any type of staircase: straight, curved, with variable slope. Thanks to the quality materials used in its construction that do not allow creations or rust or deterioration, it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Each type of staircase will be able to afford Rebecca as a solution thanks to its ability to close with minimum bulk, allowing the staircase to remain accessible for normal use.

Even the narrowest stair will enjoy Rebecca as our systems are customized, allowing both the rail and each part of Rebecca to adapt to the needs of the staircase.

Rebecca is designed and built in compliance with the UNI EN 81 40 standards. The stairlift and in particular the power systems are also made and certified in compliance with the CEI 64-8 standards.

Rebecca for straight stairs

Suitable for overcoming a single flight of stairs, Rebecca for straight stairs it's excellent for indoor and outdoor, domestic and public environments.

It's safe and perfect for everyone who needs to overcome the difficulty of the stairs.

Rebecca for curved stairs

Suitable for overcoming several flight of stairs, Rebecca for curved stairs manages to face any type of curve: internal, external, helical.

Excellent for indoor and outdoor, domestic and public environments. safe and perfect for everyone who needs to overcome the difficulty of the stairs

Design Rail


Our rail features two smooth stainless steel tubes that don't need any treatment.

Perfectly designed handrail, makes the stairs safe and usable for everyone, adults thanks to the upper tube and children thanks to the lower tube.

Machine body data sheet:

Safety data sheet:

  • Range:   250 kg.
  • Drive system:   With frictional engagement of the drive wheels on the guides.
  • Footprint closed:   From the wall 379 mm - From the pillar 439 mm.
  • Speed:   10 cm/sec. (UNI 5.)
  • Supply voltage:   24 Volts cc.
  • Battery charging:   Automatic at the parking.
  • Battery life:   I-II level in relation to the length of the rail.
  • Access:   Front, side (optional).
  • Version:   Internal, external.
  • Platform overturning:   Manual, automatic (optional).
  • Engine:   0,40 kW.
  • Floor call:   Remote.
  • Wired remote.   n°1, on board.
  • Floor stop:   n° of intermediate floors.
  • Speed limiter:   Paired to a wheel.
  • Parachute:   Mechanical with progressive grip.
  • Access ramps:   Synchronized drive to protection bars.
  • Protection bars:   Manual, automatic drive (optional).
  • Electrical safety:   24 Volts cc power supply. of all equipment and safety transformer to CEI 14.6 standards.
  • 1st type sensors:   Lateral.
  • 2nd type sensors:   At the bottom of the platform.

Rail data sheet:

  • Type:   Made with double 42mm satin Aisi 304 Sb stainless steel tubular.
  • Special feature:   It is smooth and safe, without racks lubrication, without holes or teeth.
  • Overall dimensions of guide on step support:   162mm.
  • Overall dimensions of the guide on the wall support:   102mm.
  • Guide height from the edge of the step:   mm (900-1100) except for different needs.
  • Slope variation:   Yes.
  • Standard/ helical/ external curves:   Yes.